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Hiking in Seoul: The Fortress Wall

The Fortress Wall Trail of Bugaksan Mountain This day ended up being more epic than I could have ever imagined. When you are sick with a chronic illness, you dream of being able to climb one flight of stairs without…

Visa - Campus France
Becoming an Expat Expat Life

The Visa

Becoming an Expat in France: The Visa The first step to becoming an immigrant and moving abroad is figuring out how you will legally stay in the country. Depending on the country, this may be more simple than others (and…

The JSA with a view of North Korean visitors
Destinations Korea

To the Heart of the Korean Conflict II: The JSA

Part 2: The JSA, The Space between Political Charades and Tragedy The weather forecast was not good that day. Rain with thunderstorms. But, the rain seemed to be holding off and the weather, albeit oppressively hot and humid, was at least…

Becoming an Expat Expat Life


Becoming an Expat: A Lasting Connection When I decided to pack my bags and move to France, it was a daunting journey. I always tell everyone that is considering immigrating to another country that you must have two things:…