Paris Life Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup 6: Moments and Memoirs // October 9–15, 2017

Six weeks! These are so fun! I’ve always loved journaling, so this is a great way to journal through both words and photos.

Here is a quick recap of some of my favorite moments and memoirs of the week:

1- Lunch date with a long-time friend. One of my former teammates came through Paris and we had the chance to catch up over lunch. One of the things we talked about is values and priorities—if you are spending all of your money on material things, but don’t have a passport, “you are loosing.” I couldn’t agree more. Traveling, quite simply, makes us better people. It is the highest ROI I know of. Invest wisely.


2- This was a theme that stayed on my mind throughout the week. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


3- Apparently it was the week of philosophy and thought provocation.


4- I headed over to the Tuileries Garden and explore a bit after an appointment just a few blocks away. It is so close to my office, and I’m going to start trying to make it over there more often. Maybe one day I’ll even run!


5- I walked a little extra on my way home so I could talk to my dad on the phone and ended up at the Palais Royal. Amazingly, it was nearly empty (which is a rare sight!)


6- Found this cute little restaurant hidden in an alley in the 5th while we were doing some Iceland trip shopping.


7- I explored a park just down the street from us while coming home from the post office. Such a gem! And, thanks to Instagram, I learned that it’s namesake, Phillippe Pinel, had a crazy story attached to him! He’s reputed to be the man who “freed the mad from their chains” in the Parisian asylums in the 1800’s and ushered in the era of moral treatment for the mentally ill (specifically at the Bîcetre asylum). The things you can learn on Instagram!


8- And there was this: my favorite boulangerie (bakery) in Paris. It’s just so beautiful!


9- And this restaurant in the perfect shade of blue.


10- And finally, I decided that a lion is my spirit animal. Do you have one with which you identify?

And there it is! A tad late, but I’m still claiming the habit status! 🙂

For even more moments and memoirs from this week, check out my Instagram @bonjour.melissa (and @project.aimfly for my health/fitness journey)!

  for the ♥ of moments,



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