Paris Life Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup 1: Moments and Memoirs // September 4-10, 2017

Weekly Roundup of my Week in Pairs

 I’m starting a thing. I always seem to be starting a thing.

And I’m starting this thing because I started another thing (see #1 below). Case in point. See what I did there?

One of my issues with blogging is that I have so many ideas, but very little time. And each post takes me forever to get out, meaning I rarely blog. I take photos while we travel, and a year (or two) later, they are still on my camera. I see so many things each day around me, but rarely share because I just don’t get around to it until it is old news. So this is my solution. Hopefully, I can make this a weekly post…

Here is a quick recap of some of my favorite moments and memoirs of the week:

1- I have really committed myself to shooting and sharing daily. This will be a process of progress, and I’m already seeing my eye and style evolve. I tend to never want to start something because I want it to be perfect before I start, but that blocks any opportunity for progress and development. So, here’s to personal development!


2- Training my eye. It is easy to shoot all of the famous monuments in Paris, and I work in an area that is full of “tourist attractions.” So, I’m trying to find the overlooked details around me or at least another perspective of what we have seen thousands of times. Sometimes that is easier said than done!

Old meets new as the day turns to night.

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3- I have started going on little photo walks on my lunch break, and I think I’ll make an effort to do this once a week. This one was inspired by some shots I had seen on Instagram of spots I had never taken the time to notice right next to the Louvre on Rue de Rivoli. Usually filled with tourists, I am in a hurry to pass through, and don’t stop to look up or down. I set out to find them… a little Insta Scavenger Hunt!
Looking up.

Passage for days…

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Looking down.


4- Another thing I’m trying to consciously do is read the historical monument markers as I pass by. You never know what you will learn! I love the fact that I live in a place that is so rich in history and my day-to-day life “rubs shoulders” with this history.


5- This was another find thanks to Instagram! My new tactic is to use Instagram to find all of the coolest spots to eat, or just explore, in Paris. Support this small business and treat your self!


6- This is one of my favorite stops of the week! I recently injured my knee and my doctor told me that I need to swim each week. I am lucky enough that one of the oldest (and again, historic!), and arguably most beautiful Paris public pools is near my home. If you are ever looking for a Paris public pool to check out, I highly recommend this one! It is clean and has tons of charm.


7- I found arguably the largest pizzas in Paris. They couldn’t even fit them on the table, and thus had to cut two of them in half. Be sure to go hungry!


8- My mom is here! Except this is kinda bad news because it means my (handicapped) dad is back home alone bracing for Hurricane Irma. So most of our time together has been spent trying to organize things for him back home, which has been very stressful. The storm is beginning to hit as I am publishing this article. We did get a chance to go to the Dior exhibit at my favorite museum in Paris today, though, which was a nice little break.


9- Girls night! Finally made it to my first Vide Dressing! Came home with quite a haul, including this great jacket!

This week was a mess of Hurricane Irma prep for my dad back in Florida. These are the moments when it is extra hard to be so far away. He is bracing to ride out the storm by himself (my mom is here visiting me and arrived too late to turn back around and go back home) and being that these storms are so unpredictable, we have no idea if he is safe. I do know he is scared. So am I. __ The other night I was able to get out of hurricane mode for a few hours and hang out with some girlfriends for a “vide dressing” (basically a clothing swap). It was so nice to socialize… not to mention my serious haul of clothes I picked up because we discovered that I’m exactly the same size as one of my friends. Hand-me-downs FTW! It’s a win-win for our budgets, our wardrobes and the planet! Thanks for this new-to-me jacket, @onlythisnikki !

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10- Exploring our (kinda) new neighborhood. The city hosted all of the new residents for two days of activities so we could learn more about the city. We talked a lot with the Mayor both days and it was nice to hear all of the things they have planned. Great initiative, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre!


For more moments and memoirs from this week, check out my Instagram @bonjour.melissa!
Until next week! (Stay safe, Florida💚)

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