Paris Life Weekly Roundup

Weekly roundup 5: Moments and Memoirs – October 2-8, 2017

Bir-Hakeim Bridge

My fifth weekly roundup, y’all! My coworker told me yesterday that I get to start calling this a habit at week 6… and I’m ALMOST THERE!

This week included more lunchtime strolls and even a SUPER EARLY MORNING BEFORE THE SUN stroll on the way to a work event. As in, this project got me out of bed even earlier on a day when I had to leave really early. That’s a miracle! Please give me *all* of your how-to-be-a-morning-person tips so I can experience more morning strolls like this one!

I also blogged a bit—posted about our surprise wedding and have been working on a few other posts.

Here is a quick recap of some of my favorite moments and memoirs of the week:

1- I’ve been thinking about how I depict Paris, and how I WANT to depict Paris, a lot—the stereotypical stuff is easy, but it can also be really shallow. On the other hand, it has a place in my daily life and in my Paris story. So, I try to keep a balance.

I try so hard to see Paris through the details and different perspectives, but sometimes you just can’t keep from those stereotypical shots that bring you back to the moment(s) you feel in love with this city to begin with.

Life here is so much more than the Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower. In fact, I’ve only been to the Eiffel Tower twice since moving here. And the only time I’ve been to the Louvre since moving has been for work (coolest job ever, right?!). But those places, the images of those places, also helped me get through the hardest moments of my life, pushing toward the life awaiting me in Paris.

So, le Louvre, le Tour Eiffel, they are a big part of my “Paris story,” and will always be special, no matter how touristy they may be!

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2- This restaurant has my “name” all over it! I stumbled upon it on my way to a friend’s house and their logo stopped me dead in my tracks. Someone even ran into me on the sidewalk because I stopped so abruptly to take a picture!


3- I BLOGGED ABOUT OUR SURPRISE WEDDING! It only took (nearly) a year.


4- Speaking of love, this is one of my favorite pieces of street art I’ve ever found in this city. So understated (would also make for a great tattoo!).

Moi aussi.

Love this simple street art in the 2nd arrondissement.

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5- I checked out a new farm-to-table lunch spot this week. It’s a favorite at our office (and we even get daily secret promo codes that are sentences we can use when we check out for a discount. One this week was “Vive l’été indien !”


6- Had an early morning work event this week. Was able to explore the area around République and the Canal Saint-Martin a tiny bit en route. I LOVE Paris in the morning. I feel like being up and about before the rest of the world is kinda like having an exclusive pre-release access!

More from my sunrise walk to a work event this morning. Took a quick detour to the Canal St. Martin.

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7- I discovered a new street near my office. Fellow expat and blogger/Instagrammer Corey Frye tells me there is good coffee at the end of it. Now I have more exploring to do! (PS: check out his site and Instagram! He is one of my favorite feeds to follow both for the visual content and for the stories behind it!)

Lunchtime wandering. Taking time to explore.

It’s too easy to get in a routine and never check out what’s down the road across the street.

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8- There was a movie being shot outside my office this week. I stumble upon camera crews pretty frequently around here.

This guy stepped out of his office to check out the action down below. (They were shooting a movie on the street this week!)

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9- French bread is sacred. Check out the fun fact in the caption! 

10- We joined the Paris group of the Worldwide Photowalk. Kinda full-circle as I learned SO much from the KelbyOne team when I became a graphic designer, so this was a fun thing to participate in for me. We met people from all over the world and hope to even stay in touch with some of them! I still haven’t looked at my photos from my Fuji, but here are a few iPhone shots.

Voilà my week in Paris! On to week 6 (and being able to call this a habit!)…

For even more moments and memoirs from this week, check out my Instagram @bonjour.melissa (and @project.aimfly for my health/fitness journey)!

  for the ♥ of moments,



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