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Weekly Roundup 7: Moments and Memoirs // October 16-29, 2017

Aïe! What a long week two weeks! From team building and twinning with my bestie, to the impact of #metoo, to new discoveries and ultimately getting behind and thus making this a double-week post… here are some highlights. I  blame the busy on ICELAND (which means the next post will likely be in two weeks as well)!

Here is a quick recap of some of my favorite moments and memoirs of the last two weeks:

1- The week started a bit heavy with talk of #metoo. And lots of women coming out of their shadows and beating their battered souls. It got even heavier with a few major revelations from the gymnastics world with Tatiana Gutsu and MacKayla Maroney speaking out. This image jumped out at me as I was on my lunch break as a bit of an accidental commentary.


2- The Galeries Lafayette ceiling… a quick errand brought me this view—and Paris cliché.


3- Off to a team dinner after throwing axes together.


4- Saw my bestie for lunch and we were basically twinning. (Not pictured: our matching purses)

When you and your bestie/French soul-sis have a lunch date and discover you had the same idea when getting dressed today. 👯

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5- I love golden hour. I never really noticed it much with sunrise, but it’s a thing!


6- We have been making a habit of doing some roaming in the city each weekend. A mix of shopping, errands and just generally hanging out, it’s been nice to explore a bit together.

I think someone is going to have to drag me into this next week! So much to do, so little time. Bonne soirée !

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7- Finally got my hands on one of Boneshaker’s pumpkin donuts. New goal: rinse/repeat frequently between now and the end of November!


8- Listened to my favorite Paris podcast on my way home one day and discovered the history behind these lovey Wallace fountains all over Paris. Listen to the episode to hear it for yourself (the “Corey Story” is at the end).

There is just something magical about Shakespeare and Co. when I’m here, time seems to hover between the past and the present. 📚🔮⏳✨

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9- I found the café with the most menus in Paris.

When three menus just wont do…

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10- We are in the time of year with the BEST sunsets. They are vivid and cotton-candy and change colors every few minutes.

Tonight’s sky coming home… it was incredible. A whole series in my stories! 

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Voilà the last two weeks! My next installment will look quite different … full of Iceland adventures!

For daily moments and memoirs, check out my Instagram @bonjour.melissa!

  for the ♥ of moments,



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