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Top Travel Tips: Eagle Creek’s Pack-It System

EagleCreek Pack-It System

My Top Travel Tips: The EagleCreek Pack-It System

When I took my first really big international trip, I started searching for ways to pack smart. I was going to India for two months and needed to be able to pack in a way I had never packed before. It would be my longest trip to date and also most “foreign.” So, the research began…

Being that this was before the days of Amazon selling everything known to man and Pinterest having all the best ideas, I went to our local brick-and-mortar travel store in search of solutions. I left with a handful of things, but the one thing I’m still using 12 years later—and continue to buy—my EagleCreek Pack-It System.

These things are amazing. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fabrics now. I have a decent collection now, but the double-sided cubes are my favorite.

EagleCreek Pack-It System

The double-sided cubes come in several sizes, and of course mix and match well with the other cubes and folders. I love using the double-sided ones for clean/dirty underwear and socks while traveling.

If you prefer to neatly fold your clothes, the folders are perfect. If you prefer to roll them, the cubes are great. If you want to squish stuff like socks, underwear and scarves in the smallest amount of space possible, the newer line of compressor cubes fit the bill. Then there are toiletry sacks of various sizes … You can find something to neatly pack and organize everything that will make it into your suitcase or backpack.

EagleCreek Pack-It Cubes

The cubes as double-sided, regular and compressors. The compressors are great for stuff that can wrinkle!

My favorite part is how neat at fluid they keep my suitcase. Last time I went on a trip, 30 mins before leaving, I decided I wanted to take a backpack instead of a suitcase. Since everything was contained in cubes, folders and sacks, it took me all of 5 minutes to completely empty my suitcase and neatly repack my backpack. How many times have you been packing and realize you either need to add or take something away from the bottom of your bag? Or that your organization just isn’t working right? What can typically make a quick mess of your bag is SO SIMPLE with this system!

What is your favorite travel or packing tip?

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