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Weekly Roundup 2: Moments and Memoirs // September 11–17, 2017

Weekly Roundup 2 - Moments and Memoirs

Week two! This was a hell of a week with Hurricane Irma aftermath, but here are a few shots from the “spaces in between” of trying to literally keep my dad alive back in Florida. Good news, my mom heads home today and he will thus no longer be going it alone.

Major shout-out to all of the amazing people that were there for him over the last two weeks—bringing him food, loaning him a generator, filling up said generator, spending the night at the house, taking care of the animals, cleaning up the hurricane debris. There are some seriously great people out there in this world!

Here is a quick recap of some of my favorite—or just most significant—moments and memoirs of the week (with a few “guest posts” from my other instagram account!):

1- I found that I had been shooting lots of buildings, store fronts, and doors.
So, I’ve been trying to find notice the ordinary details around me.

2- I’ve been exhausted
. This photo is pretty much the epitome of how I’ve felt for two weeks. Need to really up my self-care game, STAT.


3- The weather has been shifting from summer to fall and chilly It has also been gloomy… which along with the hurricane stuff has made me just want to curl up under a blanket for about a week. This shot was taken from work, where I was also in a week of transition. I have a new coworker, and am super excited about working with her going forward!


 4- Even though Ladurée is one of the better known Paris restaurants around the world, it always feels kinda special to me. I passed it on the way to see my mom, and it brought up a flood of memories and emotions. PS: did you even know that you can eat a meal there? Everyone knows them for their macarons!


5- A bit less-known, but equally special to my family, Treize is one of my favorite spots in Paris. There is this great community feeling we get when we are there, and the owners are some of the sweetest and hardest working people in this city.


 6- Mom and I headed to the Picasso Museum on Saturday. Lovely museum! Too bad the only time I ever go to museums in this city is when people are here visiting. :/


7- We also strolled around in the Marais. Truly one of my favorite areas of Paris… but I’m not alone in that sentiment! This was an area I discovered only after having moved here. SO many great shops and restaurants and picturesque streets.


8- This weekend was National Gymnastics Day. So before my workout (read: while procrastinating getting it done), I played a bit. Let’s just say I’m not what I once was, but hey, I’ve got way more than I did a few years ago when I was terribly ill. I’ll take it!



That’s a wrap on one of the most exhausting weeks of my life since having arrived in Paris (and that’s saying something)! Here’s to the hopeful return of normalcy!

For more moments and memoirs from this week, check out my Instagram @bonjour.melissa (and @project.aimfly for my health/fitness journey)!

Until next week (and no more hurricanes, mkay Florida?!)

  for the ♥ of moments,



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